Peace Point Pony Club

Hancock, Brooke, and Ohio Counties in WV. Washington County in PA. | West Virginia

Peace Point Pony Club began in 2004, as one of the first centers in the United States Pony Club. It has now made the transition to becoming an official club in the Tri-State Region. It was founded by Ellen Fischer, who is also a USPC National Examiner. Our current District Commissioner is Melanie Donini, who is also the regional Vice Regional Supervisor of Rallies.

We are a group of 14 members consisting of mainly of D’s and C’s in the age range of 7-25. Peace Point Pony Club is the home to USPC’s first triple A member, Ashley Glynn, who achieved this amazing accomplishment in 2013. Our group is passionate about eventing, while also having many accomplished members who are successful displaying their knowledge at Quiz. We meet at Clairlea Farm in Claysville, Pennsylvania for mounted and unmounted lessons. To learn more, please visit our website.