For Competition Warm-Up and “Just at Home”

1. Pass left shoulder (hand) to left shoulder.

2. When walking, stay well to the inside of the track, so that those who are working may make use of it. Also, if you are going to halt, rein-back, etc., either come in off track or do it on the short ends of the arena.

3. Lateral movements (especially the shoulder-in and the haunches-in which usually are done along the wall) have the right of way.


4. Do not cut someone off.

5. Look where you are going and where others are going.

6. If you notice that someone is not looking where they are going, say in a loud voice, “heads up!”

7. If you should lose control of your horse, warn others by saying in a loud voice, “heads up!”

8. Never assume just by saying “heads up!” that you automatically are safe or free to do anything you want.

9. Do not gallop around in a crowded arena (or near places where people are warming up or where horses might be tied to trailers, etc.).

10. Longeing a horse in the Warm-up arena at a competition is not allowed. Find out where longeing is permitted. It is also not a good idea to longe in an arena where other people are riding as it often is very dangerous (or selfish since it takes up an enormous amount of space!).

11. Remember – be polite and forgiving – we all make mistakes!